Desinfecterende Handgel Met Pomp 75% Alcohol 500ml
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Desinfecterende Handgel Met Pomp 75% Alcohol 500ml


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Disinfectant hand gel prevents contamination from your hands

The authorities also report that infections through your hands is a major problem.

Your hands touch more than you think: Door handles, Light knobs, banisters and desks. These are all examples of objects that have been touched by countless other unwashed hands!

Therefore the essential message: Take care of disinfected hands with a good hand gel!

The SOUEEUM Hand Gel is a disinfectant gel that kills 99.99% of all harmful bacteria in seconds! The SOUEEUM Handgel contains 500ml and is suitable to secure your entire family for 1 month.

Just washing hands is not enough

Washing your hands with normal soap is of course very obvious, but if you want to do this meaningfully, you should spend 120 seconds washing your hands.

You simply put the SOUEEUM Handgel on your hands. Rub your hands and you will have the same effect within 15 seconds.

Hand gel breaks the lipid layer containing the virus and kills the virus. That is why washing with hand gel is very effective

This way you are a lot safer for yourself and your environment.

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